Spring brings us flowers. And the rebirth of the tulip after a long winter is something to look forward to.

The Petite Pixel is about 8″ square with 3/8″ pixels.

Working on a Pixzletm is easy. Simply follow the colorful diagram to determine where to put each color pixel. If a pixel gets stuck in the wrong place, use a toothpick, or other non-marring tool, to pluck it out. Or, turn the whole base over, give it a little tap, and all of the pixels will fall loose.

If you need to step away while working on your Pixzletm it’s a good idea to put the cover on and secure it with at least two of the binder posts. This is very important if your have small children or pets who might want to toy with the shiny parts!

When you’ve finished your design, just place the clear acrylic cover over the base. Secure in the four corners with the aluminum binder posts. Hand tightening is fine – don’t overdo it, or you risk cracking the cover. You can use a screwdriver, your fingers, or a coin to tighten the posts.

Once you’ve completed your design, perhaps you’d like to try your hand at your own creation? Each color is available in bags of 64 pieces – enough to fill a quarter of the grid. Mix and match to fit your mood.

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